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Andrés de la Cruz

Andrés was born in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz). His interest in birds emerged very early, when he was 7 or 8 years old and he began to go with his father to the countryside on his hunting days.
Andrés studied biology at the University of Seville. During his studies, he participated actively in different ornithological volunteer programs (census, ringing, etc.) in Doñana and Cádiz. After graduating he moved to the Strait of Gibraltar where he began working for SEO/BirdLife and the Migres Foundation in the study and monitoring of migratory birds in the Strait of Gibraltar, doing this work for 12 years.

Throughout this period, Andrés combined his work with different initiatives for the conservation and study of birds. Andres spent time studying abroad (granted an Internship stay in Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, USA), and in 2013 graduated with a Masters in Coastal Area Management from Cádiz University. After that, he continued to collaborate with different studies of SEO/BirdLife in the conservation of seabirds and currently he is the Secretary of the local Group SEO-Cadiz (BirdLife Partner).  Finally he began his PhD studies in 2015, focusing on ‘Conservation and Management of the Sea’, in the Biodiversity, Conservation and Species and Habitats Management Program of Cádiz University.

Andrés has published and collaborated on several scientific papers, technical articles, and book chapters as well as assisting in organizing avian events and giving oral presentations related to bird migration and ornithological tourism.
Engaging in birding issues across the world, he has been birding at the rest of the main migration bottlenecks across the Mediterranean like the Strait of Messina, Italy and the Bosphorus, Turkey as well to visit many other countries in order to enjoy birding including U.S.A, Morocco, the U.K., Portugal, Cuba, etc.

This background and the skills obtained during his education and professional career have added to his always good sense of humor making Andrés an excellent guide on tours visiting every corner of the Cádiz province.