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Strait of Gibraltar - Raptor Migration

In spring and autumn, hundreds of thousands of raptors concentrate at the Strait of Gibraltar during their migration. This bottleneck makes the Andalusian village of Tarifa one of the most important hotspots to watch raptor migration in the world. Over 30 different species of birds of prey cross this narrow corridor between Europe and Africa every season. On a good day you will count more than 3,000 Black Kites, 2,000 Honey Buzzard, 1,000 Booted Eagles, 600 Short-toed Eagles, 500 Griffon Vultures, and 100 Egyptian Vultures. It is also possible to see good numbers of Sparrowhawks, Montagu’s and Marsh Harriers with the occasional Osprey and Hobby to the delight of everyone who enjoys raptors.

In addition to these vast numbers of raptors, White Storks and Black Storks are also two of the most desirable species to observe during migration. Enormous flocks of thousands of White Storks often fly overhead, casting their shadows on the observers below and putting everyone in awe of a migratory spectacle that will give you chills!

Of course we cannot forget the hard-sought-after rarities like the Ruppell’s Vulture, Long-legged Buzzard, Pallid Harriers, Lesser Spotted, Golden, Bonelli’s, and Spanish Imperial Eagles which all visit the observatories in not a few occasions.

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